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From the moment you call or email, we become family. We are fully invested in your home inspection. We know this is will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We will help you make your dream home come true.

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In the process of closing a home sale, the buyer typically hires a home inspector to come to the house and perform a visual observation. In accordance with the state’s standards, the home inspector identifies health, safety, or major mechanical issues.

Lambert Home Inspections is a pet friendly inspection company as well. When you schedule with us, please let us know if you have pets, we will go over a few more items to make sure your cats and/or dogs are also safe! There will be an additional checklist in your report at no additional cost. 


Ceilings, floors, walls and stairways are part of the interior inspection. Steps, balconies, railings, windows, doors and locking mechanisms are checked for proper functioning and safety. The inspection includes checking for water damage and harmful microbes, such as mold or termites.


Along with the roof, the exterior of a home is the most directly impacted by the weather and the surrounding environment. A home's exterior has several aspects an inspector has to check, ranging from the siding down to the vegetation and surface drainage.

What to expect